This Black History Month, United Way of Salt Lake partnered with Michelle Love-Day, founder of RISE Virtual Academy, which she describes as a place “where students learn Black History, their role in their community, their worth and their beauty.”

Ms. Love-Day shares her thoughts on why Black history is American history, why we should celebrate Black History Month, the importance of representation in books, and why Black history is not just for Black people.

Watch the videos below and learn how Black history has been revised and omitted from American textbooks, how and when Black History Month is celebrated around the world, and some of the incredible contributions Black Americans have made to art, literature, science, and the armed forces.



About Black History Month

Watch these videos to learn about RISE Virtual Academy and the importance of celebrating Black history. Make sure to visit RISE's Instagram and Facebook pages for some Black history lessons and features on important contributions made throughout history.

Why We Celebrate Black History Month

Black History Month is celebrated across the world, but why do we celebrate it? Learn more in this video:

Teaching Black History at Home and in School

Use books to teach Black history at home and at school! Learn more about books that feature Black main characters and highlight their contributions.

How Black History is American History

"There can be no part in American history, especially starting in 1619, that occurred without Black people."

Learn why Black history can't be separated from American history and its role in music, inventions, and more.

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