Kelli Page
Guest Blogger
Human Resources
Utah System of Higher Education

Utah System of Higher Education had a great experience participating in the Dr. Seuss book drive this year!  This was our first time hosting events outside our traditional United Way campaign, and when we saw that one of the planned events was this book drive, we were all over it! Our organization is definitely pro-education, so any opportunity to help with reading skills is something we will find a lot of support for around our office.

HR sent out colorful and fun emails in advance to all our employees describing the drive, and the possibility of volunteering in schools to read to the kids on March 2nd.  Regrettably, most of us couldn’t carve out time away from work to be at the schools, but we made up for it by donating lots of books! It is wonderful that there are so many ways to make in impact!

Collection boxes were placed on every floor of our office, near the elevators, for employees to place their donations, but we found an even more effective way to help them donate: Amazon!  An individual or an organization can make a “Gift List” on Amazon from which other Amazon members can select. The purchased items (in this case Dr. Seuss books) can be sent directly to the organization (us)!  It makes the donation process really easy!

In the end, Utah System of Higher Education employees donated almost 70 books to help the local school children! We sent the photo below to the whole organization to thank everyone that contributed to the successful drive!

We’ll definitely be watching for similar United Way of Salt Lake events and encourage all organizations to see how they can help create meaningful impact for kids and families!


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