Emilia Comaiby Emilia Comai
Community and Advocacy Engagement Coordinator

September 23 (TODAY!) is National Voter Registration Day! Organizations and volunteers across the country are making phone calls, knocking on doors, and talking with their community about the importance of registering to vote.

Did you know that in Utah you must re-register to vote after you move to a different address? Did you know if you do not vote within the last two election cycles your voter registration is deemed “inactive?” Today is a perfect day to spread the word to your family and friends about registering or re-registering to vote!


Register to Vote

We know that those who vote are more likely to volunteer, stay informed about their community, and eventually become advocates for the issues they care about. Last week, during our 22nd Annual Day of Caring, volunteers grabbed canvass packets and hit the streets, registering voters and spreading awareness for United Way 2-1-1 in Kearns, a UWSL Promise Neighborhood. Canvassing is how volunteers can connect with neighbors about certain issues they care about.

“I felt grateful for the opportunity to serve and strengthen the neighborhood of Kearns in some small way.”– Virginia Lee, Advocate

United Way of Salt Lake’s Collective Impact work focuses on creating strong communities. We know that voting empowers community members to share their voice and make change where it is needed!

The registration deadline is fast approaching! Can you join us to reach out to those in your community? We will be knocking on doors Saturday, October 4, from 9:30 a.m. to Noon. There will be a BBQ lunch held after in the neighborhood. RSVP below to sign up!

RSVPLink to Utah Election Center: http://vote.utah.gov/vote/menu/index

Utah Voter Registration