by Deborah Bayle

President and CEO

Utah Philanthropy Day was held on Wednesday, November 2.  It is a special day to recognize the many outstanding people in our community who give of themselves – their resources, their talents and their hearts – to help make our community a better place.  This year, several of United Way of Salt Lake’s amazing supporters were honored.

Mark and Kathie Miller were recognized with the Philanthropic Leadership Award.  There is no other couple in our community who exemplifies a stronger commitment to our success more than Mark and Kathie.  They have supported United Way for over 30 years and work closely with us as we strive to give all kids and their families the tools and resources to succeed in life.  They share our vision of what our community can be if we all work together collectively.

We were honored to recognize Scott Ulbrich as United Way’s recipient of the Heart and Hands Award.  Scott makes an amazing contribution to United Way through his tireless work on our Board.  He currently chairs our Administration/Finance Committee and our Executive Compensation Committee.  We can always count on Scott to be one our greatest cheerleaders and our strongest champions.  We are a better organization because of Scott.

Jesselie Anderson was awarded the Norma Matheson Outstanding Volunteer Award.  We are grateful to Jesselie for the remarkable commitment she makes every day to our community through her work with The Children’s Center and the Natural History Museum of Utah, as well as many others.  We are particularly thankful for the support she gives to United Way.

Our community is a much better place because of these tremendous people and the many others, both volunteers and professional staff,  who work every day to change all of our lives for the better.  Congratulations!