by Bill Crim

Senior Vice President of Community Impact and Public Policy

The March 14th edition of the national publication, Education Week, featured a front page feature on the impact community learning centers (CLCs), also known as comprehensive community schools, can have on communities.  While relatively new in Utah, the CLC model is growing rapidly – and showing promising results for children and families.  United Way of Salt Lake has been instrumental in helping the CLC movement gain traction in Utah – working with school districts, principals, and dozens of partners to expand from one comprehensive CLC prior to 2007, to seven in 2008, and now to 18 in Salt Lake, Granite, Davis and Park City School Districts.  This model has also been replicated in non-school settings in an additional eight neighborhood centers, and more schools and communities are contacting UWSL to learn how they can build the collaborative partnerships that will transform the lives of the children they serve.

To read more about the community school or CLC movement nationwide, read the Education Week article, or check out our web site to see how schools and communities are working together to create a brighter future for all children.
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