By Kelly Schmidt, Content Manager at United Way of Salt Lake

United Way of Salt Lake Community Work

United Way of Salt Lake is dedicated to strengthening communities across the Wasatch Front.

Our mission and role has transformed over the years from brokering donations and coordinating programs to creating lasting social change through powerful partnerships that address some of the toughest challenges our community faces: poverty, poor health, and lagging educational achievement.

United Way of Salt Lake — with the help of committed partners, volunteers, and generous investors — is working to change the world by helping our local communities that need it most. Through our aligned goals and shared data, we are fighting to make sure every child and every family in our community has the opportunities to live their best life.

Through our work across nine communities and 43 partnering schools in five school districts, we and our nearly 180 partners are directly impacting the lives of nearly 200,000 low-income students.

It’s important to know that we do not provide direct services. We are partnership builders that connect individuals to such services through 2-1-1, and we connect nonprofits, schools, government agencies, businesses, churches, and others entities together to solve problems and break down barriers for children and families in need.

United Way of Salt Lake reading with volunteers

These strategic partnerships are leveling the playing field for children and families no matter their race, their ZIP code, or socioeconomic status. Children raised in communities that partner with United Way of Salt Lake don’t have a chance to fall through the cracks because they are quickly connected to the resources and services they need.

You can find us out in the community making these goals a reality. We are in schools improving education outcomes and providing students and families with the extra supports they need. We are in communities collaborating with local leaders to identify gaps in systems that hold families back. And we are up at the Capitol advocating for better health care access and early education opportunities to give future generations their best chance at a successful life.

We have made great progress toward addressing the challenges our community faces. But there is still more to do!

Support United Way of Salt Lake today and join us in the fight to ensuring every child succeed. Visit to learn more about our goals and support the work we do.