By Brandon Elwood
CLC Coordinator, Guadalupe School
Guest Blogger

Schools nationwide are celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week, and the parents of the Guadalupe School community wanted to be sure that they got in on the action. In past years, parents have organized a lunch at the end of the week. The lunch tradition is one that the teachers and staff at Guadalupe School love and appreciate.
This year, however, the parents decided to take things to another level. As part of the United Way backed community learning center initiative, the importance of parent and community engagement in school has been a major focus this year. In addition to the Friday lunch, the parents gathered on Saturday, May 5th to carry out a door decorating extravaganza. Each teacher’s door was decorated with a tree filled with apples which had been inscribed with class members’ names.
Beautiful flowers were created by hand with tissue paper and other materials, each adorned with the name of a teacher.

After decorating doors, the parents also took time to clean the buses which carry their children to school each day. Maria Campuzano, a parent of a pre-school student at Guadalupe, was instrumental in organizing the Saturday event. She happily explained that she and the other parents wanted the teachers to know what a great job they are doing for their children, and also expressed her pride that this event had been planned and executed by parents. Maria says the parents plan on providing a snack in the teacher lounge each day building up to the big Friday feast.

We look forward to more great parent involvement at the Guadalupe Community Learning Center as time goes by!

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