Becky Eisinger Landby Becky Eisinger Land
Roosevelt Community School Coordinator

A few weeks ago, myself and two other United Way Staff members, Stephanie Rokich and Linda Turkington, headed over to Guadalupe School to judge a science fair.

Students worked in small groups to ask a question, construct a hypothesis, test their hypothesis through experimenting, analyze data and draw conclusions. Questions students explored included:

How hard can air push?
Can air be poured?
Can hot sauce clean a penny?
Can air make a car go?
And many more!
Students also researched the Mars Rover and lightning. At the end of the science fair, we were treated to a volcanic eruption demonstration, in a volcano made by a student!

The Kindergarten class, with their project called “Let There Be Light” won the grand prize. This project asked the question, Will plants grow in the dark? The students hypothesized that plants need light to grow because lights helps plants make food. To test their hypothesis, students tried to grow beans in light and in the dark. They found that the beans exposed to light grew really well, but the beans in the dark died.

Congratulations to all students for their hard work and impressive projects!

Guadalupe School is a United Way of Salt Lake Neighborhood Center.