Bosworth, Amyby Amy Bosworth                                                                                Corporate Relations Director

Intermountain Healthcare works toward uniting communities in the pursuit of health and healing every day. This message couldn’t be more clearly demonstrated than with the support provided to United Way of Salt Lake through Intermountain Healthcare’s internal giving campaign.

Although serving people with affordable, quality healthcare is a serious commitment that both Intermountain and United Way of Salt Lake make together, it doesn’t stop fun and excitement from happening as each Intermountain facility has kicked off its time to give back. From the clinics to call centers, and hospitals to support facilities, Intermountain is making the opportunity to give back a priority.

DSC_0034Plenty of lively activities are happening along the way, including engaging kick off events with tasty snacks, an online auction for all employees, and an option to buy “Jeans Day” passes. Of course, it never hurts to have great prizes like airplane tickets, gift baskets, and Kindles to sweeten the good vibes of giving, there were no shortage of those incentives this year. Some locations are keeping the party going for two straight weeks, with bake offs, lunches, and healthy snack sales. Employees are eating it up (literally) and having a great time while doing it.

Best of all, United Way of Salt Lake representatives have been given more than 70 opportunities to share our message about Collective Impact with Intermountain Healthcare employees.  Now THAT is LIVING UNITED!

Although Intermountain is a huge supporter with their giving campaign, the work does not stop there. Intermountain plays an integral part in the use and expansion of our mobile health clinics. This initiative benefits children and families by providing a quality, free option for health care in a mobile setting at each of United Way of Salt Lake’s neighborhood centers.

DSC_0042Last but most definitely not least, Intermountain Healthcare is also a Cornerstone Partner. United Way of Salt Lake’s Cornerstone Partners underwrite all overhead and operational costs so that employee gifts can go exactly where the support is most needed in our community. AND, Intermountain matches each employee gift dollar for dollar.

Thank you, Intermountain Healthcare, for demonstrating what it means to LIVE UNITED!