zenia-frendtby Zenia Frednt
Leadership Giving Director

Tocqueville Society member, Benson Lewis, spoke to the heart of the matter when he told a group of seniors at Cottonwood High, “An education has made ALL the difference in my life, and in my family’s life.”

On April 23, seniors who are members of the Latinos in Action (LIA) program at Cottonwood High, received a unique opportunity to practice their interviewing skills with some of the top professionals in Utah. Interviews simulated a first interview out of college, and students had to come prepared with resumes and dressed in professional attire. The interviews were one-on-one with a member of United Way of Salt Lake’s Tocqueville Society, and afterward the group was able to receive valuable feedback and practice networking skills with the leaders of our community!

DSC_0416 copyDSC_0114 copy Student President for LIA Cottonwood, Stephanie Pesantes, said of the interviews, “I LOVED the experience! It was like a ‘heads up’ of what we will encounter after college, and will help us be prepared in different situations.”

Tocqueville members were equally impressed with the hard work that these students put in to prepare for the interview experience. Lewis, who currently sits on the Savage Services Board of Directors, told the group, “You all have a very bright future ahead of you. All you need to do is stick with it and continue your education.”

After the successful interviews and a networking experience, everybody felt excited about the connections they had made and the stories they had heard. Stephanie also said,  “Seeing all of these AMAZING people and hearing what they’ve accomplished in their life makes me realize that if I work hard, I can be just like that!”

DSC_0405 copyTocqueville Society had a tremendous impact on these kids during this experience, while at the same time, also learning from them. It was an inspiring experience for all involved. This is what it means to LIVE UNITED!

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