A Candid Conversation with Dr. Michael McAfee on Equity

Dr. Michael McAfee joined us virtually, Wednesday, October 21st, as part of our 2020 Speaker Series, Building Equitable Communities. Speaking on the topic of “Achieving Results in an Inclusive Recovery”, he discussed his work with Promise Neighborhoods, how we can create a more equitable future for our communities, and how businesses can organically build diversity and equity programs. This is United Way of Salt Lake’s 4th year hosting a speaker series focused on racial equity.

Michael McAffe
Dr. Michael McAfee, President & CEO of PolicyLink. Read his full bio here.

Growing up in a service-oriented family in the Midwest and seeing the difference between his home life and his life at a local private school inspired Dr. Michael McAfee to explore ways in which neighborhoods and communities could achieve racial equity. After spending eight years in the military, working at a community organization, and spending time at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development,  Dr. McAfee joined PolicyLink where he is now the President and CEO. During his career, he has focused on “creating space for folks to find their way to wanting to advance racial and economic justice,” which has led him to work with everyone from White House policymakers to community action members. Recognizing the need to make systemic change, rather than relying solely on charitable relief, he joins us to share his thoughts on creating a world that is just and fair.


“How do you hold a system together so a child can have a pathway out of poverty? One that is consistent and steady, even as the things around them may not be?” He asks.


Listen to the full 2020 Speaker Series Conversation with him here:


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By Jessica Gezon, Senior Content Manager at United Way of Salt Lake