152551532642253.YDsVKwEgQ4xiwuBaVTM0_height640Jacob Mooney
Supervisor, UPS Global Business Services

As the United Way Campaign Coordinator for UPS this year, we had our employees participate in several tours at United Way of Salt Lake’s community schools. We have been able to take anywhere from 10-15 of our employees on each tour and they have been very eye opening experiences for myself, and everyone involved from UPS. We have attended tours at Guadalupe School, Moss Elementary, and Kearns High School just to name a few.

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Of course, one of the biggest benefits that a community school can provide is long list of resources that are accessible to youth. It has been great to see all the programming that is provided to children in need, to give them the tools to be successful in adulthood. It has been very exciting to see that these schools also provide many resources for adults and parents of the children that attend these schools, such as English and computer classes. Community schools are not only helping the children of our community, but adults as well. And, it doesn’t end with education. Community schools provide a lot of the basic essentials needed to stay healthy such as meals and fluids to stay hydrated. Additionally, they provide a warm place to be in the cold winter months and a nice cool place during the summer heat.


Community school tours have been a fantastic tool to educate employees about the work that United Way of Salt Lake is focused on, and the benefits that UWSL and partners provide to the children of our communities.

At UPS, we are working very hard this year to contribute as much to UWSL
as we can to help community schools be even more successful
in helping to change the odds for kids and families. 


To find out how your company can visit a community school,
contact your Community Investment Advisor or Lisa Newman at lisa@uw.org.