by Chelsea Nelson

Communications Director

United Way of Salt Lake is thrilled to announce that we have become part of the exciting Junior Achievement City!  The UWSL “storefront” is now open for business and kids can learn how we work to advance the Education, Income, and Health of our neighborhoods and communities.

JA City is located at Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum and is a host to over 9,000 fifth and eighth grade students for over 100 schools during the school year.  Students spend a few weeks developing their roles and work strategies before entering JA City, and once they are there, they bring the city to life enacting out a day of “real life” as an adult! Students operate banks, develop budgets, donate money, manage businesses, and even vote. UWSL is so excited to be a part of this city so that students can understand the United Way mission, as well as what it is like to work for a non-profit in need of donations, volunteers and advocates!

Thank you, Junior Achievement of Utah, of creating this magical city where our kids can learn, grow, get hands-on experience, and be creative!