by Chelsea Nelson

Communications Director


Here at United Way of Salt Lake, we wanted to take a minute to consider what our resolutions would be for how to individually give back or become more involved in 2012.  Being employees of UWSL, almost daily we hear about great opportunities for getting more involved in our community, volunteering, or donating–and in 2012 we are making resolutions to not pass these opportunities up!  We hope that by sharing some of our New Year’s resolutions with you, you will join with us and help make 2012 a great year for reaching out and making our neighborhoods and community a better place! What are some of YOUR resolutions for 2012?


I plan to give back by being a member of the Tocqueville Society and the Women’s Philanthropic Network.  I believe that supporting our organization financially is the most effective and efficient way to give back to our community.  We cannot hope to accomplish our goals and objectives without adequate financial support.  –Deborah Bayle, President and CEO

I resolve to become one of our Million Mentors, Readers, and Tutors by volunteering in a classroom once a month to help kids learn to read and feel great about themselves! –Rebecca Dutson, Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer

This year there are a couple of teens in my life who want to get more involved in community service. I know I could get them connected to some great projects, but instead I think I’m going to do the projects with them. I know it would be good for me, and it will be a good example to the teens. –Sarah Trescott, Interactive Marketing Director

I would like to meet 5 new people and become their friend. Also help them in some way they can’t help themselves and “make a difference” in their lives. Working in a non-profit, especially 2-1-1, has really opened my eyes to what people really need. It’s more than money. I would really love to work with single moms who need to be shown these basic skills. Kay Bailey, Information Specialist, 2-1-1

My new year’s resolution is to help my grandchildren experience the many blessings that come with giving service to others by planning volunteer activities and helping those in need in our community. —Pati Comes, 2-1-1 Lead Information Specialist

My resolution is to reach out to family and friends and talk more about what UWSL is doing for our community.  By sharing success stories with those I know, I hope to encourage more people to get involved with community outreach. –Chelsea Nelson, Communications Director

My New Year’s resolution is to make time to volunteer three hours a week in my community. Between graduate school and working full time, I am busy but I will feel rewarded for giving more of my time.  –-Linda Turkington, Community Impact Associate

My New Year’s resolution is to strive to make the 2-1-1 phone number as recognizable as 9-1-1.  –Amy Bosworth, 2-1-1 Director

My New Year’s resolution is to advocate more actively, and not just from a computer. It seems so much more impactful when you truly go out of your way to inform a friend face-to-face about a cause that’s important to you. Too often, we take the easy way out by forwarding an email or posting a link. –Tim Harrison, Database Administrator

I want to view everyone I meet as my friend and look for opportunities to serve people every day.  –Alison Cundiff, Resource Development Executive

I want to spend more time volunteering!  That might sound basic, but I really want to be more involved with our Community Learning Centers!  –Tiffani Bishop, Resource Development Assistant

I resolve to make United Way a superb volunteer connector organization. I envision UWSL as an organization able to provide meaningful opportunities that meet the needs of both the volunteer and the partner organizations. Anyone interested in helping out, be it a one-time event or an ongoing opportunity, will be able to find a fulfilling volunteer opportunity with United Way of Salt Lake. —Brian Guyer, Partnership Coordinator

My resolution is to learn to interpret and use data to better inform conversations and the overall common agenda in our communities.  –Isabel Rojas, Community Collaborations Director