Rebecca Dutson, We Can’t Say Enough
About Your 25 Years at United Way of Salt Lake! 

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For the last 25 years, Rebecca Duston has devoted her time and efforts to changing the odds for Utah kids and families. It can not be overstated how important she has been to our organization and the leadership she has shown to our staff, and our community. Rebecca is starting the next chapter of her journey, and will be turning her considerable talents toward helping the United Way network. As United Way of the Bay Area and United Way Silicon Valley explore ways to collaborate differently across their footprints with an emphasis on enhancing fundraising efforts, United Way Worldwide has recruited Rebecca to consult around their efforts. We know she will continue to great things and be a force for good.

In tribute to Rebecca, Dave Golden, UWSL Board Member and Executive Vice President of Wells Fargo, wrote the stunning piece below. We invite you all to read it and share, as we say bon voyage to a wonderful and talented woman!

Thank you, Rebecca, for your dedication and commitment to changing the odds!  We wish you all the luck in the world!


golden-dby Dave Golden
Executive Vice President, Wells Fargo
UWSL Board Member, Executive Committee 

I’ve always said that your life is as rich as the number of people that you know. Some of those people magnify the richness. They help you see new things. They help you see old things in new ways. The key to their influence is their genuineness. You become convinced that they are really interested in you. They become your friends. Rebecca is one of those people. She is my friend. She knows my wife. She likes looking at pictures of my kids!

Rebecca understands that building genuine relationships with people is not only the fabric of life’s richness, but of success in business and career. That’s why she has excelled, and will continue to excel in any and all pursuits. I’ve had the privilege over the last number of years to work closely with her in the realm of resource development for UWSL, and to watch her at work. She’s observant, a listener, articulate and savvy. She has developed new, and grown existing revenue streams, while knee-deep in helping re-shape the future strategic direction of the organization. During her 25 years there it appears to me that she has strategically touched every aspect of the work and left her mark in significant ways that will be felt long after she has gone on to greater things.

When I’ve been convinced to write a bigger check for something, or to convince my own organization to do the same, it’s a benchmark event. Something pretty significant had to occur to make it happen. In the case of United Way of Salt Lake, that something was someone. It was Rebecca Dutson. She helped me see new things. She helped me see old things in new ways. She is my friend and I’m the richer for it.

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