Martinez, Drewby Drew Martinez
Leadership Giving Director Young Leaders/Leadership Circle

Did you know that sharks have an amazing sense of smell, so powerful that they can detect a single drop of blood in an Olympic-sized pool? This was just one of the impressive facts we learned at the 2014 United Way of Salt Lake Young Leaders Family Social.

390Last Thursday over 150 Young Leaders and their families came out to the annual Young Leaders Family Social.  We were really excited to have this year’s event at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium. We started the evening with time for Young Leaders and their families to get to know each other, have dinner, and enjoy a short program. Then it was off to explore the aquarium! We saw amazing animals like, turtles, otters, penguins, parrots, and even an anaconda! We also took in a really fun 4D Great White Shark movie!

363It was a wonderful experience to meet the kids and families of our generous Young Leaders.  As I met them I was thinking about all the similar kids and families in our community who aren’t as well off and struggle to meet their basic needs, but thanks to our Young Leaders and their donation of time and money, are just a little better off.

382This amazing group of young philanthropists has invested over $350,000 in our community, and donated over 350 hours of volunteer time!  All these efforts from our Young Leaders support kids and families who are similar to their own, but just grew up in different circumstances. It was quite the surreal moment.

401Thank you Young Leaders for coming out to the 2014 Young Leaders Family Social and all you do to support other families in our community! Also, thank you Workers Compensation Fund for your generous sponsorship to make this event a reality.