Josh Segura

Josh Segura is the chair of the Young Leaders Donor Network. This is why he donates and volunteers with United Way of Salt Lake. 

1. How did you first hear about United Way of Salt Lake?

I heard about United Way through my giving campaign at WCF.

2. What motivated you to give and volunteer?

I could see the impact of giving and volunteering through United Way and immediately wanted to be involved. They do so much for our community that I couldn’t imagine not being involved.

3. What aspect of United Way of Salt Lake’s mission have you connected to most and why?

Social change is what I’ve connected to the most. I want to help children beat the odds that they are up against in early childhood development. I’ve been drawn to this idea because the children really are our future.

4. Why do you believe it is important to support the Salt Lake Community?

Supporting the Salt Lake Community is important because this is where I’m from, this is where I live, and this is where I will raise my family. I want the best community for my family and I will support that idea in any way that I can.