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December is here and the 2-1-1 Calendar of Caring is up and running. Each weekday from November 26th to December 21st we will be showcasing great ideas and events that are free or low-cost and guaranteed to make the whole family smile this holiday season.  If you can’t stand the suspense of waiting to see each new day’s surprise, feel free to view the whole calendar now by CLICKING HERE.

Calendar of CaringThings you may have missed from last week:

  • Download United Way 2-1-1’s Holiday gift spending tracker!
    Download Tracker>>
  • Want a holiday with less clutter? Read our November 28th entry HERE!
  • The greatest gift of all can be the gift of time. Think of something a loved one would enjoy such as a day at a park, a meal at a favorite restaurant, or an offer to do someone’s errands. You may be surprised how much more they enjoy the opportunity to be with you than they would some knick-knack.

Nifty Gifts (Events):

  • Thanksgiving Point offers many holiday activities, but one of the most awe-inspiring is the Ice Carving demonstration. Held December 3rd, 10th, and 17th from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. you can watch as ice is transformed into beauteous works of art right before your eyes. Please refrain from licking. LEARN MORE>>
  • Christmas concerts at The Cathedral of the Madeline. Admission is free but limited to those ages 6 and up. Call (801) 944-4663 ahead for guaranteed seating. A Ceremony of Carols is on Dec 14th. The Christmas Carol Service is on Dec 17th, 18th, and Christmas Eve.  LEARN MORE>>
  • The 2012 Echoes of Christmas is a live musical rendition of the First Christmas. Presented December 13th-15th and 17th-19th from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. It takes about 30 minutes for each group to make their way through the story-telling stations. Dress warm for this one! LEARN MORE>>

Volunteer Opportunities:  

Allison Michel, (801) 924-0347 (
Volunteers: Volunteers are needed to lead music, visual arts, theater, writing, or dance classes.

Contact: Vickie Young, (801) 988-4204 x.2106 (
Donations: Clothing and gifts for the Angel Tree and Golden Tree program.
Volunteers: Volunteers are needed throughout November and December to help with the Angel Tree and Bell Ringing programs.

Contact: Carrie Jensen (801) 393-3366
Donations: Gifts include clothing and toys for neglected and abused Utah children. Please contact 801-393-3366. Donations are always accepted online at You may shop for gifts or we can shop for you, however wrapped gifts need to be delivered to our office no later than December 10th.

If you’re interesting in volunteering this holiday season then check out our holiday volunteering opportunities list HERE or dial 2-1-1.