by Ben Cromwell

Guest Blogger, Program Associate at Playworks SLC

Playworks Family Fun Night took place last night (MLK day) in the Taylorsville YMCA. Educators from around the Salt lake valley and parents and children from Playworks schools attended the event which was generously catered at cost by Cafe Rio.

After sitting down to a good meal of enchiladas, rice, and beans, everyone spent the next hour learning games and conflict resolution strategies to use in their classrooms and at home. Participants played Partner Challenge, Elbow Tag, Watch Your Back Tag, and Evolution (all of which can be found in the Playworks playbook at, and learned behavior management techniques like attention getters and sequence touches to make transitional activities more fun.

We ended the evening with a benefits relay asking attendees to list the benefits of physical activity and play. Everyone had a blast. Best of all, everyone who attended the event is now prepared to volunteer at Playworks schools where we hope they’ll join us in supporting safe, engaging, fun physical activity at recess and throughout the school day.
We’d like to thank the United Way of Salt Lake for generously funding this event.