frendt-zeniaby Zenia Frendt
Resource Development Executive

The Sweet Candy Company has generously been donating to United Way of Salt Lake for years, but this summer, Carol Sweet has taken a very personal interest in our work. Carol has given up a large part of her summer—Mondays through Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.—to volunteer as a teaching assistant at Guadalupe School.  Carol is specifically working with soon-to-be third graders who are in summer school, as a way to help them catch up to grade level before the next school year.

UntitledKeeping kids on track is a big part of what United Way of Salt Lake is all about. Research has shown that kids who enter third grade below grade level tend to get further behind and rarely catch up. Up until third grade, children are learning to read. But, from third grade on, children are reading to learn. This is a crucial age-point in the future success of a child. Children at Guadalupe School tend to be disproportionately affected by this phenomenon, as they are often economically disadvantaged.

Carol Sweet has been showing up every day to fight for these kids, and to help change the odds that are stacked against them. She has assisted their dedicated teacher, who is understaffed and under-supplied, but who truly cares about their future. She has worked diligently, with patience and kindness, so that these children will have the chance to succeed, not only in school, but in life.

Untitled1Thank you, Carol!  The way you help others is a good example to all of us of what it means to LIVE UNITED.