The holiday season is upon us and planning for gift giving can help alleviate the post-holiday money blues. Look over your bank records or make a simple estimation of how much you spent on gifts last season. Since it’s already November, we have just less than 3 months to prepare!

Here are 6 reasons to get started on your shopping today!

  1. Spreading out the expense prevents trauma to your finances in December
  2. Alleviate the stress of last minute shopping by doing a little at a time
  3. Get deals and catch sales that might not exist later
  4. Avoid the crowds and long lines in mid December
  5. Enjoy peace of mind when your shopping is done and you can enjoy the festivities

Most importantly, if you’re hoping to save money on gifts this year, allowing yourself ample time to prepare is key to your success!

The Believe website offers some helpful resources about preparing for the holidays. Don’t wait, now is the time to prepare!