by Shannon Harmon

Resource Development Executive

Through my role as a Resource Development Executive, I frequently have the opportunity to tell United Way supporters and the general public how United Way of Salt Lake has changed.  One word that comes boldly to my mind to explain this transition is PARTNERSHIPS.  In order for each donor giving to United Way to literally change the odds for individuals and families in our community, we must all come together in a strategic, focused way working in partnership.  It’s not just about non-profits like United Way changing our community it’s more about what the power of partnerships can accomplish.  Powerful partnerships mean people working together with a shared vision.  When business, school districts, foundations, cities, non-profits, state government, and every one of us comes together we can accomplish more than anyone one can on their own.  Forming powerful partnerships is really what it means to LIVE UNITED.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see a partnership at work.  In my position, I work directly with jcpenney Shared Services located in downtown Salt Lake.  They recently approached me to explain that they were going to replace the chairs in their office and as a result would have many chairs that were still in good condition to donate to the community.  One of the agencies that received these chairs was Big Brother Big Sister.  This is just a small example of what a partnership can accomplish by working together- businesses and agencies coming together to better serve the needs of our community and ultimately make lasting changes in the neighborhoods where we live.

A big thanks to jcpenney! They truly LIVE UNITED.