Setting goals today will help you accomplish things in the future. Decide what you truly want to do with your money, set a goal for it, and enjoy working to achieve your goal. Here are some tips to help you in goal setting:

  • Be specific about the term/length of your goal and how much money it involves. If your goal is to build an emergency fund of $2,500, determine how long you will take to achieve your goal and how much you’ll save each month.
  • Write them down. Your goals will become more real once you write them down. Better yet, post your goals in a visible place where you will always be reminded or what you are working to achieve.
  • Share your goal with a friend or family member. Sharing your goal with a trusted person helps you stay accountable and gives you the extra push you might need to stay on track if you get discouraged.

Check out the Believe website for some great resources about goal setting.

Good Luck!