School boards play an integral role in our children’s educational experience. They are responsible for making critical decisions that affect children, families, teachers and the overall quality of education. The state board of education maintains general control and supervision of Utah’s public education system and local school boards implement state rules and provide general oversight of schools in their respective districts. To learn more about the different roles and responsibilities of state and local school boards, click here.

When you go to the polls this November, many of you will have a key decision to make; nearly half of the state Board of Education seats are up for election. Take the time to get to know the candidates running for office in your districts by clicking here. If you do not know what district you live in, you can find out by clicking here and entering your address. There, you can find out your state school board, state senate, state representative, and congressional district members.

Make sure your voice is heard. Vote in school board elections!