by Ashley Hillman

Community Collaborations Director

The birds are starting to chirp, tulips and daffodils are emerging from their winter’s slumber, and the days of sunshine extend well into the evening hours. Tis the season…..for volunteering!

Nicer weather and longer days are two perfect conditions to donate some of your time to help cultivate a community garden, play soccer with youth at a Community Learning Center, or mentor teens who may not have ever considered postsecondary education–playing a role in their futures.

It seems to me that it makes more sense for New Year’s Resolutions to begin in the spring. As we open the windows in our homes to the fresh scent of spring, what better time to open up our hearts and minds to touching a life and to pushing our comfort zones just a bit. As the flowers in our yards begin to grow, why not grow as individuals by connecting to the world around us?

Just go to UWSL’s website ( and click on Volunteer to find an experience awaiting you. I’ll see you there!