elwood-brandonby Brandon Elwood
Guadalupe Community School Coordinator

Data is a big part of the culture at Guadalupe School. Ernie Nix, principal of Guadalupe School, has declared that the school is “Going Green.” This doesn’t mean that Guadalupe is going paperless or installing solar panels. Instead, “Going Green” means that the students of Guadalupe are working to become proficient, or “green,” in all core subjects.

United Way of Salt Lake has provided Guadalupe with a dynamic online tool, ClientTrack, to measure the progress of the afterschool students. Students that participate in the afterschool program have been targeted for this programming because they are either in the “red” (well below proficiency) or “yellow” (below proficiency). With ClientTrack, Guadalupe will be following the progress of the afterschool students, and aligning strategies, partnerships, and programs in order to aid students in their quest to “Go Green!” The system is speeding up the process of how the afterschool staff enroll new students, take attendance, and take note of which students respond to different activities.


The combination of a data culture with a new technology is helping Guadalupe boost student achievement and provide new examples for how data can drive community change.