Tips and Tricks for Increasing Engagement in Your Workplace Giving Campaign

Ready to host a workplace giving campaign? Great, we’re here to help! Incorporating extra events and incentives to increase participation is a fun way to get people excited, but remember, the emphasis of a workplace campaign should be on engagement, education, and giving. A good rule of thumb is pledge first, play later — these additions should complement your campaign, not overshadow it. Now let’s get to the fun part: special events!

Incentive Ideas:

  •  Coupons or gift certificates
  •  Lunch, dinner, or a round of golf with the CEO
  • Casual Tuesday (dress down days)
  • Movie or event tickets
  • Company or campaign mugs, t-shirts, key chains, etc.
  • Prime parking spaces for a day, week, or month
  • PTO-hour, half-day, or full-day
  • Start late or leave early days
Event Ideas:

  • Auction/garage sale
  • Baby/pet picture match game
  • Bake sale
  • Bike race
  • Fun run/walk
  • Bingo
  • Bowl-a-thon
  • Carnival
  • Car wash
  • Company cookbook
  • Chili cook-off
  • Cookie decorating

  • Dunk tank
  • Employee funniest home videos
  • Ice cream social
  • Pancake breakfast
  • Pizza party
  • Prize drawing
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Remote control car races
  • Softball tournament
  • Tug-of-war
  • Ugly tie, sweater, prom dress, accessories contest
Theme Ideas:

  • Broadway/Hollywood (Glamour Does Good for Our Community)
  • Decades (70’s, 80’s, 90’s, — Serving the Community is Timeless)
  • Beach (Wave goodbye to inequity)
  • James Bond/Detective (Seeking Answers to Inequity)
  • Olympics (Gold Medal Champions in Service/Donations)
  • Sports/Local Teams (Compassion for the WIN!)
  • Superheroes (Heroes and Villains UNITED)

Looking for more tips on hosting a workplace giving campaign? Check out our Workplace Toolkit!

Workplace Toolkit Graphic linking to Workplace Toolkit Page

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By Jessica Gezon, Sr. Content Manager, United Way of Salt Lake