Alycia Giesler

Alycia is on the Steering Council for Young Leaders and heavily involved with the Junior League of Salt Lake. Between the two organizations, she puts in around 40 hours of volunteering a month in the Salt Lake community. “Aly builds community by bringing people together and by going out of her way to support people who need it most,” says Ginny Mitchell, the Resource Development Director that works with Young Leaders.

1. How did you first hear about United Way/United Way of Salt Lake?
I first heard about UWSL from my workplace campaign in 2015. I was a transplant from Idaho and had never heard of United Way before.

2. What motivated you to give and volunteer?
I gave during our workplace campaign for the incentives at first (who doesn’t want to win a $250 gift card?), but then I was given the opportunity to volunteer during the Day of Caring. I worked with a few students that really struggled with reading and I heard their back stories from their amazing teacher. It broke my heart to hear what some of these children had been through, but they were still so trusting of a stranger sitting down to read with them. They were timid and shy at first, but when I went to say goodbye they gave high-fives and hugs! They were so appreciative of my attention. That’s what I think about when I give today.

3. What aspect of United Way of Salt Lake’s mission have you connected to most and why?
I have connected most to the goal of students being proficient in reading in 3rd grade because of my time reading with students during Day of Caring. I could easily tell a proficient reader from an inept one and it hurts my heart to know that not all students are getting the extra help at home that they need.

4. Why do you believe it is important to support the Salt Lake community?
I believe it is important to support my community because change won’t happen without it. I really believe that each person has a responsibility to leave our world a better place, and we can’t make a lasting impact alone. We have to work together. That’s why I choose to give to the United Way of Salt Lake. They see the big picture.