Emilia Comaiby Emilia Comai
Community and Advocacy Engagement Coordinator

Do you know where you will be next Tuesday, November 4? Since it is Election Day, you should be heading to a polling place near you! Voting connects you to your community!

At United Way of Salt Lake, we work to advance the education, income, and health of our neighborhoods and communities. We cannot accomplish this goal if we do not share our voice with our state’s elected officials. The first step to sharing your voice is casting a vote. Why wait until Tuesday? Did you know there are places to vote early in your county? Get it out of the way today and GO VOTE!

Check out vote.utah.gov to find out what will be on the ballot. Who is running? What issues are being debated? There are a number of elected city offices to vote on, as well as local questions! You can get a head-start on voting when you read through the ballot before you get to your polling location!

Go Vote!


For Election Day, it is important to know these three things:

  • Know what is on the ballot!
    • Check out a sample ballot, understand what is on it! Then find your polling place address and hours of operation — and go vote!
  • Take Action!
    • Tell others to get to the polls! Once you’ve voted, change your Facebook profile picture to share with everyone that you either sent in your ballot or went to the polls! Tweet it! Instagram it!


Voting is one of the best ways to show that you LIVE UNITED!