Use these tips and resources to create digital wellness practices for your student to help them learn online.

The concept of digital wellness is relatively new, and it’s more important than ever as students spend more time online. When you’re connected all day, for school, socializing, and recreation, it can be tough to stay focused on one type of activity at a time, and letting your attention wander can land you outside your comfort zone. This list of resources can help users of all ages stay connected while staying safe on the internet.


Early Learners


Kiddle by Google is a safe visual search engine for kids. It allows them to explore the internet and satisfy their curiosity without the risk of unfiltered results. You can access Kiddle at

Kids Digital Health

Kids Digital Health has games that are accessible on a tablet or phone. The games are vetted by child development experts, are designed to help develop your child’s memory and attention, and are safe and age-appropriate. You can learn more at




Digital Wellness


Kidoz is an app that helps kids make the most of their screen time. It’s full of educational, entertaining content, and offers time-limit options so you can help create healthy habits around screen time. It also allows you to block ads and in-app purchases so you don’t have to worry when you hand your kids your phone.  Find out more at



Middle School


Dayboard is an extension for Chrome that helps you set your priorities for the day and stay focused while you move from task to task. You start by creating a five-item to-do list, and you’ll be reminded of those items every time you open a new tab. Dayboard also features a built-in blocker for common distractions like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, so you won’t be tempted. You can download this browser extension here.

Apple Screen Time

Apple’s Screen Time feature has gained popularity as people search for ways to understand how they’re spending time on phones and other devices. If you have an Apple product you may already use the Screen Time function. It’s helpful for understanding which apps and sites are getting the most use, and lets you set limits for certain websites and apps so it’s easier to stay focused. On an Apple device go to Settings —> Screen Time —> Turn On Screen Time to activate.



High School

digital wellness- high school students on computers


Freedom is an app by Stayfocusd that works on your laptop, tablet, or phone to keep you on track by blocking sites you identify as distracting. You can find more info at


Stayfocusd also offers a free Chrome extension with similar features so you can test its effectiveness. The extension is available for download here.



Once you have healthy habits in place (and some tools to help you maintain them) you’re ready to go!  Check out United Way of Salt Lake’s 15-30-60 blog series for more tips, tricks, and educational resources available online.


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By Ashmita Shanthakumar, Stay Safe Stay Connected Assistance