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Parent’s Guide: Internet Safety Tips for Kids

Help your child develop healthy, safe computer habits as they learn to navigate the internet. When you’re connected all day it can be hard to have healthy computer habits. It […]

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Digital Wellness: Creating Healthy Online Habits for Students

Use these tips and resources to create digital wellness practices for your student to help them learn online. The concept of digital wellness is relatively new, and it’s more important […]

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Week 5: 15-30-60 Distance Learning for Early Learners

It can be hard to keep young children occupied during the summer, and even harder to engage them in educational activities. This week’s 15-30-60 post has a variety of materials, […]

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Announcing the Winners of the Reimagine Education Innovation Awards

Now is the time for change. Learn how the 6 winners of the Reimagine Education Innovation Challenge plan to create more equitable classrooms as we return to school. United Way […]

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Week 4: 15-30-60 Distance Learning

This week’s 15-30-60 post has resources in science, social studies, and arts that your child can spend 15, 30, or 60 minutes on each day. This can be a fun […]

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Week 3: 15-30-60 Distance Learning

This week’s 15-30-60 post is full of resources to keep your kids engaged over the summer by encouraging them to work on educational activities. The following resources (All Free!) will […]

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Week 2: 15-30-60 Distance Learning

Last week we launched our 15 -30 -60 campaign and introduced the idea that you could fit learning into your schedules in lots of different ways. This week continues with […]

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Week 1: 15-30-60 Distance Learning

Looking for fun ways to keep your students learning this summer?  Not sure if you’ve got the time to set up activities that they’ll enjoy?  Whether you’ve got a moment […]

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