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As we have been working on HB96, the Utah School Readiness Initiative, we have come across many families who have personally benefited from high-quality preschool, and are willing to share their stories. Reading stories about how kids have been given opportunities for learning through high-quality preschool, reminds us why we are working so hard to give ALL kids access to a quality early childhood education. I invite you to read just a few of these stories and advocate with us to pass HB96!

“As a mother of 5 children, I have first-hand experience of the disadvantages children have when there are no preschool opportunities available. As a working, single mom, I did not have the option to send my children to preschool. I also was not able to provide them with valuable one-on-one time, because I was working and going to school myself. I feel guilty to this day that my children spent many formative hours in daycare watching TV or being otherwise “entertained.” Had preschool been available they could have been developing many cognitive skills and learning confidence. I believe that as a result, my children were always struggling to “catch up” and lost interest in their own educations. Please pass this bill, it’s so important for working families.

–Juli Tatafu, Taylorsville

“I am a person who attended a preschool program. Until my sister who is three years older then me, no one in my family graduated from high school and no one went to college. It is now 28 years later and my siblings and I, who all attended preschool, all went on to college and have great jobs. Preschool gave us the leg up that we needed to break the cycle of poverty and lack of education in my family. I truly believe it made all the difference.”

–Chanda Jenkins, Murray

“I have been personally affected by the need for high-quality preschool options. My son has a speech delay and we were lucky enough to qualify for preschool through the school district. Without this option, my son would be entering kindergarten at a severe disadvantage, needing several resources. Because of the program, he will be starting on track with his peers.”

–David Kelly, West Jordan

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